Week 1 – ‘Calm’ o ye faithful

In a recent conversation with my wonderful cousins Jayne & Anita, I asked if they had ever tried Meditating before, to which they both said ‘yes’ but with little or no success. I think they both experienced the same as myself and guess most other people who try it, your mind goes doolally, it races all over the place, you get agitated, restless and from personal experience, end up feeling worse off than before. In fact what’s happening is you are just ‘noticing’ what your mind does naturally only this time you are observing it. Over time, with practice, your mind will calm and eventually give you that tranquil feeling and the head space needed to allow us to appreciate or just cope with life that much more and maybe even transform it?

Not wishing to be a hypocrite, I’ll admit I’ve tried Meditating may times before and felt the benefits but never persisted. Why? because like everything else that gives results…..its bloody hard work! and for me the hardest part was forming the habit to make it a daily routine. Something I plan to put right this year.

Anyway, back to the act. I sent a book each to Jayne & Anita which may suit them should they decide to give it another go? It’s got great reviews and is an 8 week step-by-step guide to Meditating. And the good news it that the book is quite thick so would make an excellent doorstop if not used!

BTW – this is not designed to put pressure on them to use, its more about presenting an option/idea.


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