Week 4 – Food for Thought

Well my first thought was to write ‘this weeks act is a strange one’ but thinking about it, I guess most weeks will be a little strange!

My first planned act of discomfort is to ‘Fast’ for 48 hrs. That means only water will be passing my lips during this time, as will air but I won’t count that although I do know a number of you would like me to abstain from that also!

Why? My thinking is 2-fold. Firstly, it’s to get me out of my comfort zone in a fairly big way. 24 hrs would be a challenge (for me anyway) but 48 hrs will, if nothing else, allow me to test my resolve. The second reason is to partly appreciate in a VERY small way what others in a less fortunate position in this world experience on a day-to-day basis with little or no food. People whom; on the whole have done nothing wrong but who just are unfortunate to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. A position that could have easily been bestowed on any of us, it’s just the luck of the draw! So for me, like many for these acts, it’s about appreciation of the life I’ve been blessed with.

In addition to those of the third world or war torn countries, my immediate thought went to the Jewish people during WWII. It’s widely documented the way they were treated. Their privileges taken away, their lively hoods taken away, their homes taken away, their freedom taken away, their dignity taken away, their food taken away, their family taken away, their lives taken away…. and for what reason? Just looking at the footage from the concentration camps gives you just a small window into the lives of those who perished or indeed survived.

So 48 hrs without food…. a walk in the park! (joke btw).

Oh, for those who may feel it’s a ply to lose weight, its not as its well known that the body, not knowing what’s going on, will slow down the metabolism and store energy (food) as fat when you start eating again so those pounds will soon be put back on. Not the cleverest way to diet me thinks.

Due to the nature of this, unlike other events, I will be giving an update – the first one below.

24 Hours on

A brief update. What has always been clear to me is the power of the mind cannot be underestimated. Firstly, yesterday morning, some hours before I was due to start fasting I become more hungry then I would normal have been. I deduce from this that knowing I was going to starve myself; subconsciously it was having an effect on my hunger levels.

Now when I started, contrary to the above, knowing that I wasn’t going to eat during the ‘fast’ I felt less hungry than I would normally have been. Tea time and into the evening and breakfast my cravings never amounted to as much as I thought, yes it was quite uncomfortable at times but no more than that. The biggest problem was for a split second forgetting I was fasting so thought ‘mmmmm I’d like……’ As soon as I remembered it subsided, well, kind of.

During these uncomfortable moments I remembered something I recently read and previously practised  and that is ‘when you feel pain, anger etc, observe where in your body it comes from, watch it without judgement and just giving it that attention can make it less or even disappear’ and for me it did in the past work, a few weeks ago I had stomach pain but instead of holding my stomach and experience the pain, I went into the pain, observed it etc and it did work, it didn’t disappear but the pain was far less than before. So thought this an ideal opportune moment to try this method during the fast. Both in the evening and during the night when I guess my stomach was confused, I focused and yes again it had a positive effect. So maybe give it a try, I know it goes against the grain focusing on the source of pain instead trying to avoid it but worth giving it a go. Guess the outcome would differ from person to person.

So now typing this I feel not too different to normal apart from this strange feeling in my stomach. My energy levels are good, my thought process seems normal and I’m still as irritable as ever.

I am convinced what has helped enormously is the fact that I am committed and know I will be seeing this though to the end, that commitment to oneself has left no grey areas, there is not an option, if there were I’m fairly certain I would be craving more as part of me would be trying to entice me back to the land of comfort.  Now look what I’ve done, I’ve gone and set myself up for the next 24 hrs, I’ll look a right knob if I fail.

I’m guessing this second day of fasting will be the most interesting/challenging. I’ll report back tomorrow.

Final Day

What a difference a day makes. The first 24 hrs was better than expected but the final day has certainly been more of a challenge. I was reasonably ok until tea time (approx 29 hrs in). I was having a bath to take me out of the way of Vanessa’s cooking, then the smell of  food found its way into the bathroom, this seemed to have triggered my slow demise. All that evening I had a real craving for food, ANY food. The strange dull ache in my stomach was nothing compare to the craving. Luckily for me I have a very supporting family. They were keen to help in any way they could, so thank you for sending me photos of pie & chip and curry oh and not forgetting the snapchats of them eating chocolate. Where would we be without family?

I must have looked at the clock a hundred times wanting the night to end just to be a step closer to completing the 48 hrs. Unfortunately during the night I woke up and couldn’t sleep mainly due to this strange very uncomfortable sensation in my stomach. So I go up and watched TV for a while (sadly no cup of tea) and back to bed. When I awoke this morning I felt no worse, that was until I got up. Stepping out of bed I immediately felt dizzy, this turned into being light headed, a fuzzy kind of feeling and that remained. My mouth was tacky and had a weird taste, even after brushing teeth; guess it’s the toxins coming out? And the dull ache in my stomach was not so dull. However, if I’m looking for a positive, these feelings made me less focused on food, well, just a little less. Strangely throughout this process my tummy hasn’t rumbled at all, what’s that all about?

Photo of me writing the final events of this blog. Lost more weight than anticipated but got there!


As you may be interested, I documented my weight. From the afternoon of starting to the end of the night, no difference. In the morning bearing in mind all I did was sleep (no toilet), I had lost 2 lbs. Again, what’s that all about? Maybe I was running in my dream?? From the morning to the night I had lost NOTHING. From going to bed to waking up this morning I had again lost 2 lbs. So 4 lbs dropped in 2 days. As this all happened whilst sleeping I guess the way for you to lose weight is to stay in bed all day lol.

My first meal approx 48hrs and 1 second from the start. Salad has never tasted so good!!


A quick update, 24 hrs on from eating again I went to the gym, I thought I was feeling not too bad, alas not so, I felt weaker than normal and dizzy during some for the weight exercises. Just thought I’d let you know just in case you are mad enough to try this!

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