Week 8 – Mini Cooper

This week’s act was to correspond with a little boy called ‘Copper’ He is 6 years old and from Texas. Below are details that his family posted on a web site that encourages others to write to sick children.

“Cooper was diagnosed with Hurlers nearly 2 weeks after his second birthday. We started seeing many doctors and undergoing many test. He started weekly enzyme treatments that last up to four hours. He was approved for a Bone Marrow Transplant where he would undergo 8 days of chemo and then the transplant. The transplant took place 3 weeks ago and we aren’t able to return home from Minnesota until he is 100 days post transplant. Home is 14hrs away. He has a half brother back home but he started school and lives with his mom so he is unable to visit. He is restricted to his room at the Ronald House since he has no immune system. He states out the window watching the other children play. Although it is heart breaking we are hoping for a full recovery and the best life this transplant can give him.”

Here is the text from my letter to Cooper along with the photo’s I sent.

Hi Cooper

I saw your wonderful face on the Internet and thought I must write to you as you look like a very special boy with a lovely smiley face. Your family must be very proud of you. I’m sorry you don’t get to go out but hopefully this letter will help and also show that we are thinking about you.

A little about me…. I am from Birmingham in England, it’s right in the middle of the county. Hopefully your family can show you where I am on the map.

My name is Tony, my wife is Vanessa and we have 2 children Joss who is 27 years old and Lily who is 25 years old. We are excited this year as Joss and Abigail (his fiancée) are getting married in September and there are lots and lots of things to do. 

My children have left home but luckily they both live near to where we live. Lily is living with a boy called Tom. Oh, and we have a cute little dog call ‘Bo’ She is a Maltese and is fully grown but most people think she is a puppy as she is so small.

We all support our local soccer team called ‘Aston Villa’ they are normally in the top division but recently they went down to the second division but we are doing well now so hopefully we will go back up this year.

I notice you like Barney, Blues Clues and Bubbles. They look like fun colourful programs; do you have a favourite one? What is it you like about them?

If Daddy or Mommy want to email us at: – tonydwyer111@gmail and tell us more about you that would be great. Or let us know if there are any questions you would like to ask us?

I do hope we can be writing friends.

All our love

Tony, Vanessa, Joss, Abigail, Lily & Tom xxx



We went to your country in November and met ‘Fake’ Donald Trump. In order is Kim Jong-un  Vanessa, Tom, Lily, me and Donald Trump


This is Vanessa, Abi and Joss with our other children….only joking, the photo was taken with children in India


This is Bo chilling out on the window ledge. She says Hi Cooper


This is a snowman we built at Christmas time. It’s the best we could do I’m afraid


I will update you with his progress should I receive any correspondence back.

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