Week 9 – Frozen

Sorry if the lead photo got you excited where you thought this weeks A.O.K was to help out Princess Elsa but alas not (and yes I did need to google her name). I just thought it a nice apt pretty picture to use. Hopefully Disney won’t sue me for using it!

Just a brief one this week.

Due to the exceptionally cold weather I decided to meet up with Dave, the homeless guy mentioned earlier in the blog.

He was in his usual spot when he’s in Halesowen, which is outside ‘Save The Children’ charity shop. The weather was bitterly cold but Dave looked as snug as one could be considering the situation. I took him a warm coat, scarf and gloves. He was most grateful particularly for the scarf and gloves, which he immediately put on.

If you are going to look at the positives of the cold weather, whilst I was there which was approx. 10  minutes, he had 2 people each give him £1 and I gave him £20 however, just to put the record straight I don’t give that amount each time I see him, its just due to the exceptional circumstances so he can choose to pay for accommodation for the night if he so wishes.

Also I give him my office address again as he lost the paper I wrote the address on last time. This address will enable him the claim benefits as ‘no address = no benefits’ When I get correspondence from the council I’ll just pass it on.

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