Week 11 – Home is where the heart is

This week’s act of kindness is a little closer to home; in fact it is at home. Not that she has, but my dear wife has every right to question my A.O.K for others when I could do more on the home front!

Knowing how easy it is to take your partner for granted I thought it a good idea to give her a little gift that shows what I genuinely think about her in the form of little hearts cut out by my own fair hands and with the core message written on. The idea is for Vanessa to pull out a heart whenever she is feeling low so she knows what others really think of her. ‘How can I make this more interesting’ I thought ‘I know, I’ll combine it with something she likes…TREATS!!’ So a heart and a sweet (note I’ve used the words ‘A sweet’ Vanessa, ok maybe more than one of the little ones!) when feeling down to hopefully put a little smile back on her face.


So there you have it, hearts & sweeties. It really is a true win win. Cost of paper 50p, cost of sweets £2 so £2.50 will hopefully get me in the good books?? Not a bad move eh. Btw I didn’t want to buy too many sweets in case they went off, I know I know stupid me, thats never gunna happen and guess I’ll have to provide a ‘top up’ service before the hearts run out!

There is however a danger to this strategy that I’ve just thought of, and that is, if and when we argue she will go straight to the goodie bag and rip up all the hearts and eat all the sweets at once. Bloody hell, I’ve just thought of another danger, now I’ve put this idea in her head she will most likely cause an argument just to do that!!

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  1. Ummm I’m not sure she is getting the concept of this?…2 hours in and she has already got through 3 hearts and 3 sweets. Think I’m going to have to say she doesn’t need a heart with a sweet as all my hard work could be over by tomorrow!!

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