Week 12 – A big Pat on the back!

Again, this week I’ve looked more close to home for my next A.O.K.

This is for a special person in my life…Mother-in-law/Nanny/Aunty/Mommy Pat, who is all things to all people whoever encounters her in their life. From the very first day I meet her….yikes that was 34 years ago!!. As well documented, from that day going forward, she along with Conrad has made me feel part of this special warm (slightly strange) family. As much as anyone can be, she wasn’t and isn’t judgemental about my, to be kind to me let’s just say ‘temperamental’ personality. Whilst this family hasn’t cured my ‘ailments’, which I know will come as a big surprise to those who know me, the inclusion into their family has immensely enriched my life and unwittingly showed me what a kind, loving, warm family looks like.

Taken at Pat & Con’s 50th wedding anniversary

Yes she has just turned 80 not that you’d know, apart from not looking her age she certainly doesn’t act it. Her zest for life is self evident; her ‘go for it, energetic, fun & friendly’ attitude is a credit to anyone of any age. But to be honest it has to be said, there are times where we do have a cause to tell her off for her flirting, swearing, showing off and cooking, although I must admit this has improved recently and also for at times talking like she’s from another planet, which is unfair as only Joss can understand her!. Is she just a bit mentally disturbed?….you better believe it!

Pat & Con in Javea 2010

Not that I’ve conducted a survey, if asked the question “outside your partner, who is your favourite person in your life” I would say for those who know her, Pat would win hands down.

Paties Angles
Not sure….ether a Clown or Ronald Mcdonald?

And for those who may read this and not know her, below are words that sums up all those whose path she crosses. It’s from a Solicitor I respect and have known for many years and whom Pat has recently had dealings with. She said….

“It was great to meet Patricia last Monday, she was full of life and we had a lovely chat. I was going to say I hope to be in her great shape at her age, but it would take some doing!”

So a brief meeting and that is the kind of impact she can have on others. Mind you Vicki, the solicitor, does know me quite well so was probably expecting a rough and ready crack addict to walk through the door, although to be fair I could have also shown her one of those (only joking Melissa).

Pat chilling out!
Pat with a strange boy she meet on a mountain climb in Cape Town

I know what you’re thinking, what a lovely act of kindness, sharing my wonderful thoughts with you guys, but no, I go further than that. WHAT I hear you say? Oh yes, my kindness holds no bounds. So Pat if you’re reading this, below is my A.O.K. And if you’re not reading it….tough cookie, you can’t claim your prise as I clearly don’t interest you :0(   (again only joking).

The ever loving Pat and Conrad

So as to my act…. I will be sending a big black man, I mean I will be granting you a full day and/or night to go anywhere you like, drive you ANYWHERE in the country and treat you to 17 stops for cups of coffee (with hot milk), food and even build you a sandcastle if you choose the seaside. Or maybe just be your chauffeur so you can visit your friends. It’s time to put that mind to work. Btw, this voucher is valid until 31st August 2018 and is non-transferable, sorry kids!

Pat & Jason in a big mouth competition..a difficult one to call, no it’s not, congratulations Jason lol

sexy pat Taken last year, those hours at the gym certainly pays off

4 thoughts on “Week 12 – A big Pat on the back!

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  1. Pip pip hooray Tonys fixed my computer today..!!! Tony so emional,your love and kindness shown towards Con and myself has and still is overwhelming.,Thank you fir
    for you for choosing me for this weeks Act if Kindness,altho looking at your choice of photographs ,im not sure how much kindness was meant!!!!! So pleased i have a good sense of humor…Cerainly will take you up on the offer of chauffeur for the day,,So exciting ,so many choices ,promise not to wear Clowns outfit !!! Have enjoyed catching up on your weekly postings ,,found joseph ‘s very emotional. Good luck with St.Marys Hospice ,so worth while xxx Im very blessed with my family ,they are amazing ,care and love from all is humbling thank you love you all .My 80th birthday was a celebration of fun abd family love Huge huge thanks. All i need now is to find send button ..fingers crossed xxx


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