Guess its no supprise

Last week I visited Joe and meet his Son for the first time, who himself is in his 70’s. His son can hopefully look forward to a long life as most of Joe’s family members lived to a spritely age. From memory, is bother died at the age of 103 and sister was in her late nineties when she died… and so on.

On this visit, Joe said that his son (can’t remember is name) hasn’t shown any interest in his war achievements/memorabilia and due to my interest he would like some or all of his collection to go to me. Wow what an accolade! Guess my only problem is his son getting the message and if he does, will he act of it? Time will tell.

Anyway nothing more to be said without trying to pad out the visit for the purpose of this blog. So that leads onto my title photo. I’ve given it a good shot, but to post weekly and for the blogs to be of some substance, it has taken a good deal of time and head scratching. Yes I knew it would, that’s why I set my stall out, however I’m in danger of posting things like helping a little old lady across the road or paying for Lil and Abi to have singing lessons etc etc. So therefore I have decided my weekly blog will be no more!

Now, I’m well aware that upon hearing this news, a number of you will be thinking of throwing yourselves under a bus or at least go into a deep state of depression. I can’t have this on my conscience after building your excitement up over these weeks, so have decided to make this blog monthly, so now you just may have to settle for 30 or so sleepless nights between blogs!

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