The What

What is this all about? Quite simply during the whole of 2018 my goal is to complete one task a week that will fall into one of two categories, either a kind humanitarian act or to put myself in a situation that will challenge me, to make me feel uncomfortable if not fearful.

The Why

The main reason for publishing this blog is to make it easier for me to commit to my 2018 goals, there’s nothing like being accountable to honour your commitments.  Also by documenting it in this way I’m hoping it will enhance my experiences. So guess this is my first act of being uncomfortable as I’m not really one for the public environment. You can be assured I’ll attempt to be as honest and candid as I can.

I’ve read sooo many self help books (with varying degrees of impact) over the years, non more so than in the last month or two. I think the reason for the acceleration of reading these books is because, in the last few years I can’t seem to find what I’ve been looking for since I’ve stopped growing the business. My dear wife has had to put up with me constantly searching for that magical ‘something’. “Do what you love to do” they say. “Follow your passion, your dreams” they say. Apart from getting arrested if I did, I have no idea what my passion is, or to be more precise, something that will fulfil part of my character that is in danger of dying if I were to let nature take its course…..for me, being ‘comfortable’ will be the silent killer! The desire to accumulate wealth no longer has the pull it once did and that has been born out by me constantly rejecting many many business idea’s I’ve had. I didn’t realise it then but THINK I do now. Recently I read something that resonated with me, yes I’ve read it before, in fact many times, however, as with most things in life, its all about timing. Different words of wisdom will mean different things to different people not only that, you can read the same words that previously had no impact on you but now you are at a different stage in your life so it will suddenly be meaningful.

So what are these wise words? In essence it is this…. ‘Happiness and Fulfilment does not lie in the outside world, it’s lies within you’. That’s it, nothing earth shattering or ground breaking! So 2018 will mainly be about getting out there but not for money in fact quite the opposite. Who knows what effect this will have on me but guess it can’t do me harm, right? at least that’s what I think for now! So I have stopped beating myself up about not achieving anything business wise and starting to look at what really makes me tick. Yes I know I want to be successful (whatever that means), yes I like a challenge, the problem was that I thought it had to be in the business world as that’s what I know, I’m not now saying it definitely doesn’t lie there because I will always have an interest in it and will grab an opportunity should it arise, but what I am saying is that I can apply what I ‘need’ to do in order to keep my fire alive by really looking ‘outside the box’ and doing something different. So its with this soul searching I’ve come up with this wacky idea. If nothing else it should be, at times, interesting to observe.

I haven’t gone mad but I’m almost certain, at times you will question that. The driving force behind me pulling this together is made up of the following; –

  • Do good for others – Showing kindness and generosity is a wonderful gift (and you can stop thinking it right now, i’m not going to give you any money) You not only give the gift to others you also at the same time gift yourself by way of pleasure, contentment and satisfaction.
  • Fear – To me, life rewards those who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone, to get the adrenaline running (not by artificial means btw). To face your fear in order to appreciate and live a colourful and meaningful life.
  • Gratitude – This is another word that appears high on many successful (not necessary money) people’s list. Regularly practice all you are grateful for and count your blessings. My actions this year will hopefully enable me to do this in a vivid way.
  • Idea’s – You never know, something may resinate with you and give you an idea for YOU that will enhance your life just that little bit more?

I know it will come as a surprise to you but I’m no angel, I’m not looking to impress anyone. As I’ve said above, the plan is to enrich other peoples lives at the same time enriching mine. However, no doubt, there will be some feeding of the ego along the way, but guess that can be counter balanced with you thinking I’ve lost the plot, going through a mid-life crisis or just ready for the loony bin!


The who for

As I’ve said, the main reason for this blog is about accountability therefore the target audience is my family and who’s only option counts. Should anyone happen upon this blog please remember this saying if considering writing a negative comment “When someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you, it’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations and needs”  


The rules

It would be easy for me to just donate money to charity or to put money in a hat to achieve my weekly target. I can’t do that, I need to be involved in the giving in some small way or maybe not so small way or at least it has to be personal and meaningful.

I know the comfort zone situation will be of far more interest to you and my suffering will bring you a great sense of joy but sorry to say the majority of my weekly acts will be based around kindness.

Please remember this is not solely designed as entertainment for you so it may be boring at times if not most of the time.  I have some idea’s and you are welcome to make suggestions but try to remember I’m not your little guinea pig or for you to use it as your chance for revenge!!  :0)

Finally, my aim is to post each week although there maybe some exceptions.

BTW – I’ll also add some ‘Proverbs’ along the way in attempt to spark some thought from you lot……yes I know that’s never going to happen, I can but try!


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Let the fun begin!


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